Cosmetic tattoo removal

What are cosmetic tattoos and why do people get them?

Cosmetic tattooing is a form of permanent makeup that uses a simple needle and tattoo ink to achieve a desired result. It can be used to correct and enhance appearance or even to disguise flaws. Some common cosmetic tattoo treatments include eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, freckles and hair/scalp.

But like normal tattoos, they don't always turn out the way we want! At Cleanskin Laser, our goal is to help you feel confident and happy with your appearance. That's why we introduced the removal of cosmetic tattoos using our high-end PicoWay laser.

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Client testimonial

"For years I have wanted to remove my eyebrows due to them being unnatural, dark and uneven. After years of research I couldn’t find anything or anyone that I truely trusted to remove them safely, effectively and that I was confident wouldn’t scar.

I had laser tattoo removal done on my eye brows last week at Cleanskin Laser and I cannot be any happier. The staff were extremely professional who explained everything to me in detail and made me feel extremely happy and comfortable with my decision to have them removed.

They have dropped out dramatically in just under a week and will continue to drop out over the next 5 weeks.

I would truely like to thank the laser technician and for fixing my brows and giving me my natural brows back."

- Kirsten S.

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Real Results

  • Post 3 PicoWay treatments

    Post 3 PicoWay treatments

    Cosmetic eyebrow removal

  • Post 2 PicoWay treatments

    Post 2 PicoWay treatments

    Cosmetic eyebrow removal

  • Post 2 PicoWay treatments

    Post 2 PicoWay treatments

    Cosmetic eyebrow removal


How much will my treatment cost?

The cost for treating cosmetic tattoos varies depending on the area.

Eyebrows $300 per session

Eyeliner $300 per session

Lips $300 per session

Freckles and scalp enquire within

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How many sessions will I need?

Cosmetic tattoos are superficial which allows us to treat them in fewer sessions. The recommended number of sessions is roughly 1-4 at a 6 week interval.

Who is this treatment suitable for?

This treatment is perfect for anyone who is unhappy or unsatisfied with their current cosmetic tattoo. Many cosmetic artists now recommend laser removal prior to having the area redone/touched up for a clean finish.

Is the treatment painful?

As cosmetic tattoos are superficial, the level of discomfort is very minor in comparison to a standard tattoo. You can to apply numbing cream to the area prior to your appointment if you wish.

Are there any side affects?

There is a possibility of oxidisation of the ink. This is where the ink in can change colour after being treated with the laser. This particularly occurs with eyebrow and lip cosmetic tattoos.

What is the downtime like?

The downtime for cosmetic tattoo removal is very minimal. You can expect minor swelling and redness for the first couple of days post treatment.

Can I apply makeup after my laser removal?

We recommend waiting 24 hours after your laser removal before applying any makeup to the treated area.

You can tint your eyebrows 48 hours post laser removal treatment.

Do I need to book a consultation first?

For all cosmetic lip tattoo removals, we recommend booking a consultation first where our technician will perform a small test spot on the lip.

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