So, what's actually causing your skin to get darker and discoloured, and how can you undo it? Pigmentation is the result of an excess amount of melanin production.

It has a variety of causes, some common causes of hyperpigmentation include: Ageing, trauma, UV radiant exposure, medical conditions/medications, genetic predisposition and hormones.

Pigmentation can range from simple freckles, age spots and sun spots to large areas of discolouration like in Melasma. the good news is that we can treat all of these plus more, here at Cleanskin Laser.

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  • Images provided by PicoWay supplier

    Images provided by PicoWay supplier

  • Images provided by PicoWay supplier

    Images provided by PicoWay supplier

Cleanskin Glow

Cleanskin Glow is the perfect treatment for anyone experiencing dark spots uneven skin tone caused by trauma, hormones or sun damage. Our PicoWay laser breaks down pigment from the inside out, removing that unwanted pigment leaving your skin with a bright glow.

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The cost for treating pigmentation is $420 for a half face, $550 for a full face and spot treatment starting from $250.

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Multiple sessions will be required for a complete removal of the pigmentation. The number of sessions however, do vary depending on a number of factors. Our laser technician will be able to provide you with this information during your consultation. 

This treatment is perfect for anyone experiencing dark spots and/or uneven skin tone caused by anything such as trauma, hormones or sun damage.

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We can treat pigmentation anywhere on the body. Our most popular areas are the face, neck and shoulders/back area. Get in touch with our laser technician to see what is best recommended for you.

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  • Such an amazing experience at Clean Skin Laser Clinic! Receiving skin laser treatment, I was in the hands of knowledgeable and confident girls, that allowed me to feel comfortable through out my whole session!

    Taneka F.
  • Ala and Hayley are amazing. They’re so knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable during your treatment. The results have been amazing!

    Emma P.
  • Very impressed with my results after just one session! Highly recommend to anyone considering this laser treatment.

    Hayley M.
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